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DV Lottery 2025, Apply Now

DV Lottery 2025, Apply Now

Important Information

1. Do not apply more than once

If you are from a qualifying nation and satisfy the other eligibility requirements, you may enter during the open registration period—but only once per year. People who attempt to apply more than once will have all of their lottery visa applications rejected.

All candidates must apply through the State Department’s website and include digital images of themselves and their dependents (spouse and children).

2. There is no fee to enter the DV lottery

There is no price for this first registration, so be wary of websites and consultants that say there is, or who demand exorbitant fees for ostensibly “special” inside advice. The admission form itself is quite basic, and the most probable assistance you’ll want is simply dealing with the Internet and the digital photo requirement, which any computer-savvy acquaintance may be able to provide.

3. Registrations are NOT carried over

Registrations submitted one year are NOT carried over to the following year. So, if you are not chosen one year, you must reregister the following year in order to be considered.

Every year, in the autumn, a new registration period begins. At the completion of the online entrance procedure, applicants are given a confirmation number.

Print the confirmation screen or store your confirmation number in another way. Applicants can use the confirmation number to check the State Department website to see if they have won. You can check for DV-2025 starting on May 4, 2023 and ending on September 30, 2024.

Applicants will not be notified, but should visit the State Department website at Do so as soon as possible.

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DV Lottery Online Application

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