Tips for DV Lottery Participants on How to Increase Your Chances of Winning a Green Card

There are several legal and acceptable ways to boost your and your family’s chances of becoming US resident.

Naturally, individuals are constantly seeking for methods to boost their chances of success. Some, for example, attempted to submit several application forms. The US State Department responded by implementing a mechanism that automatically disqualifies anyone who submits repeated applications. In this instance, disqualification applies to ALL of your applications.

However, there are a few strategies you may use to improve your odds of winning.

1. If both partners are eligible, they should submit their names to be entered into the Diversity Visa Lottery Drawing.

The greatest method to improve your family’s chances of winning the Diversity Visa Lottery is to make sure that every member of your family who is eligible does so. Check out the eligibility page for more information, including who is eligible based on their nationality, educational background, and any additional criteria. A successful candidate may bring their spouse and any children who have not married and are under the age of 21.

For illustration’s sake, let’s pretend that you and your spouse are both citizens of New Zealand, that you both hold occupations that require some level of competence, and that you both completed secondary school. You and your partner are now both qualified candidates, which increases your chances of winning the lottery. You are permitted to submit one application under your name, and your spouse is permitted to submit one application under their name. A confirmation number will be sent to each of you individually. If one of you is successful, the other of you can submit an application for a green card in the United States as a derivative spouse.

It is essential to keep in mind that every single person who submits an application for a diversity visa must prove that they are qualified for the visa. Therefore, if your spouse does not satisfy the work, country, or education criteria, they are not qualified to apply directly, under their own name. This applies even if you meet all of the requirements.

2. Children who qualify should also enter the DV lottery

Applicants from the same household are not limited in terms of the number of people who can enter the DV lottery. Your children should also enter the lottery if they have the necessary education or job experience (typically between 16 and 18 years of age). They won’t be able to bring you to the United States right away if they win, but they can lay the groundwork for future immigration assistance for you and your loved ones.

Assume you and your son, who is now 20, are both interested in applying for diversity visas. You lose, but your son triumphs. It’s too bad your youngster can’t tag along with his mom and dad as “derivatives.” Now your kid is a legal permanent resident after entering the United States. If your kid has been in the United States for five years, he may be eligible to petition for citizenship. You qualify as his “immediate relative” and can thus immigrate to the United States with his help if he is a citizen of the United States.

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